Digital Printing Techniques

On Demand Printing: Compare Digital Print and Transfer Printing for Drop Shipping
See the difference first hand between digital printing and transfer printing. Remember, screen printing is not used for on demand print manufacturing and is best for large orders of 100 or more pieces.
When you see the difference up close, you'll notice that the Transfer print on the left is more opaque and the Digital print on the right absorbs more texture of the t-shirt. Both options are super solid and depend on your personal preference. Some people like to see the artwork fade into the grain of the tee and others prefer seeing the artwork pop off the tee in contrast to the material. 
Below is another comparison highlighting the actual application and texture of Digital Print (on the left) and Transfer Print (on the right) when looking directly at the edge of the print. 
You'll notice that Transfer print (featured on the right) is more like a sticker that has been applied, with the ink on top of the garment. Where as Digital print (featured on the left) is actually embedded in the grain of the garment. Both have bright, rich colors - though Transfer printing can generally hit more of the Neon color spectrum.